A reading list for KBSE/KBSA

The following is some information about technical reports on the Rome Laboratory sponsored program to develop a Knowledge-Based Software Assistant (KBSA).

Technical Reports on KBSA

Non-members of DTIC may request KBSA reports from NTIS.
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0. Report on A Knowledge-Based Software Assistant
	C. Green, D. Luckham, R. Balzer, T.Cheatham, C.Rich
	AD-A134 699

1.  KBSA Project Management Assistant
	Final Technical Report (2 vols),RADC-TR-87-78, July 87
	Kestrel Institute - Richard Jullig, Wolfgang Polak, Peter Ladkin,
	Li-Mei Gilham
	AD-A189 286 & AD-B117 268

2.  KBSA Specification Assistant
	Final Technical Report (2 vols), RADC-TR-88-313, Feb 89
	University of Southern California - W. Lewis Johnson, Don Cohen,
	Martin Feather, Dan Kogan, Jay Meyers,
	Kai Yue, Robert Balzer
	AD-B 132 716 & AD-B132 71

3.  Knowledge Based Requirements Assistant
	Final Technical Report (2 vols), RADC-TR-88-205, Oct 88
	Sanders Associates, Inc. - David Harris, Andrew Czuchry
	AD-B130 358 & AD-B130 359

4.  KBSA Framework
	Final Technical Report (Phase 1), RADC-TR-88-204, Oct 88
	Honeywell, Inc. - Steve Huseth, Aaron Larson, Jim Carciofini,
	Joshua Glasser
	AD-B130 699

5.  2nd Annual Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Conference
	Proceedings, RADC-TR-87-243, Jan 88
	Rome Air Development Center - 1Lt Kevin Benner, Ed.
	AD-A189 819 (approx. cost $19.07)

6.  3rd Annual Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Conference
	Proceedings, RADC-TR-89-19
	Rome Air Development Center - Capt. Kevin Benner, Ed.

7.  KBSA Performance Estimation Assistant
	Final Technical Report (2 vols), RADC-TR-89-98
	Kestrel Institute - Allen Goldberg, Lee Blaine, Tom Pressburger,
	Xiaolei Qian, Tracy Roberts, Stephen Westfold

8. Automated Multi-source Knowledge and Management
	1989 Univ. of Massachusetts

9. 4th Annual Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Conference 
	Preceedings, RADC-TR-90-59;
	Rome Air Development Center  Sept.1990

10. PMA for ADA; 
	Kestrel Institute

11. Transaction Graphs: A Sketch Formalism for Activity Coordination
	Software Options, Inc., Michael Karr, December 1990;

12.  KBSA Framework, Honeywell, Inc., Aaron Larson, John Kimball, Jeff Clark,
	Bob Schrag, December 1990,

13. 5th Annual Knowledge-Based Software Assistant Conference
	Preceedings (KBSE-90),  RL-TR-91-11 Feb. 1991
	Rome Laboratory  - Eds. Douglas White and Louis Hoebel

14. Proceedings of the 6th Knowledge-Based Software Engineering 
    Conference (KBSE-91) - Eds. Peter Selfridge, Louis Hoebel
    and Douglas White. Limited copies available from  the DACS.
	and the also from the IEEE/CS Press.
There are many articles on Knowledge-BAsed Software Engineering in the literature. A good place to start otyher than the KBSE proceedings woudl be "Readings in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering". Charles Rich and Richard Waters, eds. Published by Morgan Kaufman, 1986.

The Journal of Automated Software Engineering, Lewis Johnson and Anthony Finkelstein, eds, is a quarterly journal dedicated to this field, published by Kluwer Academic. There is further information on this journal at this information site.

Some other articles of interest:

Robert Balzer, Thomas Cheatham and Cordell Green, "SOftware Technology
in the 1990's: Using a New Paradigm".  IEEE Computer V16N11, Nov. 1983.