ASE2002 Doctoral Symposium

Monday, 23rd September 2002, Edinburgh, UK


9.00- 9.15 Welcome/Overview of Symposium


9.15-10.00 Experiences building an ASE career - Recent PhD graduate in ASE


10.00-10.45 Karim-Cyril Griche: Automatic inter-procedural test-case generation


10.45-11.15 Morning Tea


11.15-12.00 Jitka Crhovav: Distributed modular model checking


12.00-12.45 Alin Stefanescu: Automatic synthesis of distributed systems


12.45- 1.30 Lunch


1.30- 2.15 Sigrid Goldmann: A model of planning and enactment support in software development environments


2.15- 3.00 Le Anh Tuyet: Process support for tools interoperability


3.00- 3.30 Afternoon Tea


3.30- 4.15 Abdelmadjid Ketfi: Adapting applications on the fly


4.15- 4.45 Ragnhild van der Straeten: Semantic links and co-evolution in object-oriented software development  


4.45- 5.00 Wrap-up            


7pm  ASE2002 Reception

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