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The 17th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

23rd-27th September 2002, Edinburgh, UK


The IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering brings together researchers and practitioners to share ideas on the foundations, techniques, tools and applications of automated software engineering. Both automatic systems and systems that support and cooperate with people are within the scope of the conference, as are models of software and software engineering activities.

Sponsored by:

IEEE Computer Society



With support from:

Scottish Embedded Software Centre




Monday 23rd September 2002

Doctoral Symposium


Workshop on Declarative Metaprogramming to Support Software Development

Tuesday 24th September 2002

Half-day tutorials (location: Department of Computing and Electrical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University):

Tutorial 2: Marina Walden and Elena Troubitsyna (Aabo Akademi University, Finland): Methodologies and Technologies for Industrial Strength Systems Engineering

Tutorial 3: Stacy Nelson (NelsonConsult / NASA Ames), Michael Whalen (University of Minnesota), Charles Pecheur (NASA Ames Research Center): From Research to Industry: The Role of Software Engineering Standards

            Tutorial 4: Willem Visser (NASA Ames Research Center): Software Model-Checking

Wednesday 25th September 2002

            8.45-9.30 Registration


9.30-9.45 Welcome (Chair: Julian Richardson)


9.45-10.45 Keynote (Chair: Bob Hall)


Alan Bundy, Edinburgh University

Practical Proof Planning for Formal Methods


10.45-11.15 Coffee Break


11.15-12.45 Session 1 (Chair: Dave Wile): Software Design and Synthesis


Assumption Generation for Software Component Verification

D. Giannakopoulou, C. S. Păsăreanu, and H. Barringer

An Approach to Rapid Prototyping of Large Multi-Agent Systems  

W. Vasconcelos, C. Sierra, and M. Esteva

Generative Design Patterns 

S. MacDonald, D. Szafron, J. Schaeffer, J. Anvik, S. Bromling and K. Tan


            12.45-13.45 Lunch


13.45-15.45 Poster Session 1 (Chair: Wolfgang Emmerich)


            A Framework for Automatic Debugging

M. Auguston, C. Jeffery, and S. Underwood

            Towards Usable and Relevant Model Checking Techniques for the  Analysis of Dependable Interactive Systems

K. Loer and M. Harrison

Automatic Verification of Any Number of Concurrent, Communicating  Processes    

M. Calder and A. Miller

System Testing for Object-Oriented Frameworks Using Hook Technology

J. Al Dallal and P. Sorenson

What Makes Finite-State Models More (or Less) Testable?

D. Owen, T. Menzies, and B. Cukic

Analyzing Dependencies in Large Component-Based Systems

M. Vieira and D. Richardson

Identifying Cause and Effect Relations between Events in Concurrent  Event-Based Components 

M. S. Dias and D. J. Richardson

Systematic Bridging the Gap between Requirements and OO Design

H. B. K. Tan and W. Li

Automatic Test Cases Optimization using a Bacteriological Adaptation  Model: Application to .NET Components

B. Baudry, F. Fleurey, J.-M. Jézéquel, and Y. Le Traon

From Early Requirements to User Interface Prototyping: A Methodological  Approach

A. Martínez, H. Estrada, J. Sánchez, and O. Pastor


15.15-15.45 Tea Break


15.45-16.45 Session 2 (Chair: Alex Egyed): Verification and Validation


Deviation Analysis through Model Checking 

M. P. E. Heimdahl, Y. Choi, and M. Whalen

Automatic Validation of Deployed J2EE Components Using Aspects

J. Grundy and G. Ding

18.00 Reception: Apex Internatonal Hotel

Thursday 26th September 2002


9.00-10.00 Keynote (Chair: Yves Ledru)

Peter Gorm Larsen, Systematic Software Engineering: Industrial

Formal Methods, Past and Future


10.00-10.30 Panel

Organized by Yves Ledru, University of Grenoble: Future Research Directions in Automated Software Engineering


10.30-11.00 Coffee Break


11.00-12.00 Session 3 (Chair: Colin O’Halloran): Experience Reports


On CASE Tool Usage at Nokia

A. Maccari, C. Riva, and F. Maccari

Experience Report on Automated Procedure Construction for Deductive  Synthesis

S. Roach and J. Van Baalen



12.00-13.00 Session 4 (Chair: Tom Ellman): Reasoning Technology


Interfaces for Modular Feature Verification

H. C. Li, S. Krishnamurthi, and K. Fisler

Automated Validation of Class Invariants in C++ Applications

T. H. Gibbs, B. A. Malloy, and J. F. Power 


13.00-18.00 Lunch (on your own)

Excursions around Edinburgh (on your own)



18.30 Conference Dinner George Heriot School


Friday 27th September 2002

9.00-10.30 Session 5 (parallel) (Chair: John Grundy): Testing


Constructing Corba-Supported Oracles for Testing: A Case Study  in Automated Software Testing 

P. Fenkam, H. Gall and M. Jazayeri  

Generating Expected Results for Automated Black-Box Testing

P. J. Schroeder, P. Faherty, and B. Korel       

Generating Test Data for Functions with Pointer Inputs

S. Visvanathan and N. Gupta   



9.00-10.30 Session 6 (parallel) (Chair: Steve Fikas): Requirement Engineering


            Automating Requirements Traceability: Beyond the Record and  Replay Paradigm

A. Egyed and P. Grünbacher  

Enabling Iterative Software Architecture Derivation Using Early Non-Functional  Property Evaluation

K. S. Barber, T. Graser, and J. Holt  

Model-Based Tests of Truisms

T. Menzies, D. Raffo, S. Setamanit, Y. Hu, and S. Tootoonian



10.00-10.30 Coffee Break


10.30-12.00 Session 7 (parallel) (Chair: Jeff v. Baalen): Software Specification


Generating Product-Lines of Product-Families

D. Batory, R. E. Lopez-Herrejon, and J.-P. Martin

Knowledge-Based Synthesis of Numerical Programs for Simulation  of Rigid-Body Systems in Physics-Based Animation

T. Ellman, R. Deak, and J. Fotinatos 



10.30-12.00 Session 8 (parallel) (Chair: Andrew Ireland): Program Understading


CPPROFJ: Aspect-Capable Call Path Profiling of Multi-Threaded Java  Applications

R. J. Hall    

No Java without Caffeine: A Tool for Dynamic Analysis of Java Programs

Y.-G. Guéhéneuc, R. Douence, and N. Jussien      


12.00-13.00 Lunch


13.00-14.00 Keynote (Chair: Michael Lowry)

Sheila McIlraith, KSL, Stanford University

Web Services Meet the Semantic Web


14.00-16.00 Poster Session 2 (Chair: Dave Wile)


SeDiTeC.Testing Based on Sequence Diagrams

F. Fraikin and T. Leonhardt

VIATRA.Visual Automated Transformations for Formal Verification and Validation of  UML Models

G. Csertán, G. Huszerl, I. Majzik, Z. Pap, A. Pataricza, and D. Varró

A Temporal Logic Approach to the Specification of Reconfigurable  Component-Based Systems

N. Aguirre and T. Maibaum

Adding Value to Formal Test Oracles

J. H. Andrews, R. Fu, and V. D. Liu

Dependence Management for Dynamic Reconfiguration of  Component-Based Distributed Systems 

X. Chen

Combining and Adapting Software Quality Predictive Models by Genetic Algorithm

D. Azar, D. Precup, S. Bouktif, B. Kégl, and H. Sahraoui

Towards Certifying Domain-Specific Properties of Synthesized Code

G. Roşu and J. Whittle

Predicting Software Stability Using Case-Based Reasoning

D. Grosser, H. A. Sahraoui and P. Valtchev

Monitoring Requirements: A Case Study

S. Fickas, T. Beauchamp, and N. A. R. Mamy



15.30-16.00 Coffee Break


16.00-16.45 Closing Session (Chair: John Penix)


J.D.C. Richardson, W. Emmerich and D. Wile: Farewell

J. Grundy and J. Penix: preview of ASE2003


Saturday 28th September

Workshop on Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering

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